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Our HVAC Technicians Serving the Tampa Bay Area

 Mauro's Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. in Port Richey, FL was officially established in 2015. While still young, years of dedication and preparation have gone into the molding of Mauro's Air. We work with our customers from start to finish going above and beyond to make sure their HVAC needs are met with ease.  

We are part of several local membership groups, and always want to expand our networking and community involvement in the coming years. Call us at (727) 378-5727 to learn more about our exceptional HVAC service.

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Mauro Orellana

 Mauro moved to the Tampa Bay Area back in 1998 from New York. He worked in the Air Conditioning industry while in New York and continued his career once he was established here in Pasco County. With over 16 years of experience under his belt and a passion for becoming his own boss, he set out to follow his dream. He earned his State Certification and once licensed, Mauro's Air Conditioning & Heating was brought to fruition. 

Lisa Office Manager Picture


 Lisa has been with Mauro's Air for more than a year, and is still surprising us with her capability to this day. Lisa, right off the bat, has been committed to Mauro's Air since day one. As Office Manager, Lisa has devoted herself to organizing and controlling everything outside physical work for Mauro's Air.

In charge of managing customers to dealing with advertisements deals, Lisa has plenty to deal with, but she always gets the job done. Whenever you call the office of Mauro's Air, you'll be happy knowing you are speaking to Lisa, who will always be able to easily take care of your problems.

MJ Orellana Assistant Picture

MJ Orellana

 Mauro's son works in the office as a website developer and assistant. He is mostly responsible for the work and structure added to the website. Everything you see on the website is primarily his doing. Whenever he is not developing the website in the office he is out on the field to give his father an extra helping hand. 

Otis Mauro's Mascot Picture

Mauro's Mascot

 Otis is our team mascot. Mauro adopted the Pitbull mix from a kill shelter just a couple years ago. Otis is still a puppy and his antics keeps is all laughing at the office. Everyone enjoys being greeted at the door by the happy and energetic tail wagging pup. Otis is a lover and will gladly curl into your lap for a cuddle or tow. He likes to play fetch and have his belly rubbed. He makes his rounds and checks in on all of us at the office as we work. 

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