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In Florida, having an HVAC system that performs is absolutely imperative to both home owners and business owners alike. In today’s world, most homes are designed around central heating and cooling. The increase in technology within the home makes it even more essential to cool down your living space to counteract the heat emitted from computers, televisions, and appliances. You always hear, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity”, well, with the innovation of humidistats, thermostats and other humidity controlling devices we can now minimize the amount of moisture in the air to make your home or office as comfortable as possible.


A properly functioning HVAC system can reduce the risk of heat stroke, ward off asthma attacks, and filter out airborne pollen thus decreasing allergy symptoms, among other health benefits. To ensure that your system is running properly make sure you regularly clean or change your air filter. We recommend you schedule a preventative maintenance on your systems at least twice a year to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.


At Mauro’s Air Conditioning, we provide honest and reliable service. We arrive on-time and are prepared to complete any repairs necessary to make certain your system is working for you. Our preventative maintenance will warrant a fully functioning and efficient HVAC system. Our staff is knowledgeable, trustworthy and dedicated to customer satisfaction.


Mauro’s Air Conditioning and Heating is eager to serve the residents and businesses throughout the Tampa Bay area. We provide residential and commercial service and installation to Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando and Hillsborough counties.


In the Air Conditioning business, it is all about reputation and here at Mauro’s Air Conditioning we strive to be the company you tell your friends about. We provide exceptional customer service and dependable work to establish a respected and reputable company. To schedule emergency repairs, discuss services, speak to a salesman, or request a project estimate please call us at 727-378-5727 or complete the “Contact” form on the right side of this page to have one of our knowledgeable staff members contact you.


Mauro finished installing my AC unit this last week. He was efficient, prompt, professional in every way. He rose above any setbacks or difficulties and quickly and efficiently met any challenge. It was a great joy to work with him.

-Patricia Hills, Customer

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